Walk Through Consultation

Top to Bottom Home Inspections LLC is offering Walk Through Consultations.  The current real estate market is making it difficult for many potential home buyers to hire a home inspection company to conduct a home inspection prior to closing or purchasing a home.  The Walk Through Consultation provides potential home buyers with an option.

Details of a Walk Through Consultation:

Up to one hour is allowed for a Walk Through Consultation.  That time may be further limited by the seller (The Walk Through Consultation may need to be conducted in 30 minutes or less).

The Walk Through Consultation must be scheduled with Top to Bottom Home Inspections by calling (952) 807-8110.  The Walk Through Consultation cannot be booked online.

The Buyer’s Agent is responsible for scheduling time for the Walk Through Consultation with the Seller’s Agent.  Top to Bottom Home Inspections LLC is not responsible for scheduling the Home Walk Through Consultation.

The Buyer’s Agent must be present for the Walk Through Consultation.

It is a visual examination of only the visible, safely accessible, and readily accessible portions of the home.

The consultation better acquaints the potential buyer with aspects of the property and adverse conditions.

Verbal comments summarizing observations will be provided, no written report is produced. Customers are encouraged to take notes.

The Company will not provide an opinion to the Customer as to whether a property should be purchased.

The Walk Through Consultation is not a home inspection, nor a substitute for a home inspection.  The Customer is encouraged to hire Top to Bottom Home Inspections LLC to conduct a complete inspection after a property is purchased.  (The typical home inspection takes 3-4 hours to conduct and a written report with pictures is produced for the customer).

Destructive testing, disassembly of materials of components, and removal of access covers are excluded. Barriers, coverings, personal property and goods, or stored items are not moved or removed to gain access or to provide a clearer view.

No home inspection Standard of Practice is followed during a Home Walk Through Consultation as the amount of time spent on a Walk Through Consultation is significantly less than the time spent on a home inspection.

No checklist or established list of items is used or followed, nor set amount of time allocated to any aspect of the home, as the time for the Walk Through Consultation is not guaranteed nor predictable.   An unpredictable amount of time may be needed to discuss certain aspects or adverse conditions, therefore limiting or preventing other aspects from being visually observed or discussed.

Entry is not made into any above ceiling attic area or any under-building crawl space.

No ladders will be used nor roof areas will be climbed on or walked on.

No tools, other than a flashlight, will be used during the Walk Through Consultation.

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