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Leaks and Inoperable Plumbing – Common Home Inspection Findings

Leaking Drain Pipe - Plumbing Leaking Faucet Handle - Plumbing

Many plumbing issues, leaks and inoperable plumbing, can be found by running water in tubs, showers, and sinks.  Look at the handles, pipes, faucets, shower heads, etc. above, below and behind coverings to identify leaks.  When necessary, contact a qualified plumber to repair the leaks.

The most common plumbing issue found in bathroom sinks is an inoperable drain stop.  Drain stops stop water from flowing through the drain so that a sink basin holds water. Typically, inoperable drain stops are relatively easy to fix and can be repaired by locating the drain stop components below the counter and making the necessary adjustments using common tools.

Leaking drainpipes are commonly found under kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sinks.  Sometimes a homeowner may be able to fix the issue by simply tightening/adjusting joints/connections. If tightening/adjusting connections does not work, contact a qualified plumber for repairs.

Leaking Drain Pipe - Plumbing

Shower head leaks are common at connections.  The homeowner may be able to fix the issue by simply tightening connections or replacing a relatively inexpensive shower head.  When necessary, contact a qualified plumber for repairs.

Leaking Shower Head Connection

Faucets and handles often leak.  Water usually drips or trickles around the valve or is found at the base of faucets or handles where they are secured to countertops, tubs, showers, tile, etc.  If not repaired, water may drip or trickle under the base and along water supply lines.  The trickling water can cause damage to drywall, floors, sink cabinets etc.  If the homeowner is unable to properly repair or replace the leaking components, contact a qualified plumber.

Leaking Faucet Handle

White or green deposits on pipes and valves may be an indication of past or present leaks.  Most leaks should be repaired by a qualified plumber.

Corroded Copper Pipe

Water supply lines that are not properly secured may move.  Movement may result in leaks forming at joints or connections.  Properly installing fasteners/brackets to secure pipes can prevent future leaks.

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