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Grade of soil, landscaping and concrete surfaces – Common Home Inspection Findings

Grade of Concrete Grade of Landscaping

Negative grade can cause excessive rain water and surface water to flow toward a home.  Surface water combined with freezing and thawing deteriorate foundation components, lead to damp basements, and cause cracking and settlement of foundations and concrete flatwork.

Movement of Cement Block Wall Cracked Basement Wall Surface Water Infiltration

Sloping soil, landscaping, concrete surfaces, etc. away from the home may reduce the amount of rain water and surface water around the foundation of a home.  Proper grade will likely reduce foundation cracks, efflorescence, spalling, damp basements, and settlement of concrete and pavement surfaces.  Slightly sloping soil and landscaping 6 inches within the first 10 feet of the home can achieve the desired result.

Window wells should be clear of excessive soil or debris to decrease the possibility of surface water or rain water entering the home through windows or deteriorating wood components of windows.  Gravel lining, drain tile or covers can be added to reduce the potential for rain water, surface water or excessive moisture from accumulating in the window wells.

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