Seller’s Inspections

Want to avoid surprises in the final negotiations of selling your home?  Hiring a certified and qualified home inspector to provide you with an unbiased inspection of your home can provide you with valuable insight into the potential findings that a buyer’s home inspector may report. 

Before you list your home, become informed about the issues that may be identified during a buyer’s home inspection.  Make informed decisions to improve the marketability of your home and potential profit on the sale of your home.  Wouldn’t you rather find and negotiate the price of making improvements to your home using your own qualified contractors than being asked in the final days of the closing or real estate transaction process to make expedited costly repairs or reduce the price of your home based on expedited and higher estimates?  

Avoid the potential of a real estate transaction falling through over the findings of an inspection and having to re-list your property, leading you to drop your asking price upon re-listing your home.  

Put yourself in the best position for negotiations and selling your property.  Reduce the potential of a stressful negotiation.  Schedule a pre-listing or seller’s inspection well in advance of selling your home so that you become better informed about the condition of your home and make improvements at your leisure.   

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