Gutters, Downspouts and Downspout Extensions – Common Home Inspection Findings One of the most common findings that I document in a home inspection report is the lack of a proper roof drainage system.  In many instances, spending a few dollars can save a homeowner thousands of dollars by preventing wet basements, foundation issues, or concrete […]

Grade of soil, landscaping and concrete surfaces – Common Home Inspection Findings Negative grade can cause excessive rain water and surface water to flow toward a home.  Surface water combined with freezing and thawing deteriorate foundation components, lead to damp basements, and cause cracking and settlement of foundations and concrete flatwork. Sloping soil, landscaping, concrete […]

Caulk and Sealant – Common Home Inspection Findings Preventing rain or melt water from intruding behind siding and roofing coverings is important.  Water damage can cause deterioration of OSB, plywood, buffalo board and other construction materials.  During new construction, residing or reroofing projects, contractors apply new caulk and sealant around siding and roofing penetrations.  Common […]

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